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2001-09-15 17:56:09 (UTC)

going to a sleepover

hey! tonight im going to a sleepover with liek 5 of my
friends adn we are going out to dinner adn stuff and we are
just gonna hang out.. i hope it will be fun! i hope that i
find my place soon i mean i dont know its just sorta weird!
i also have been talking to the guys a lot lately.. i go to
an all girls school and we hang out wtih an all boys school
close to ours... its cool im liek friends with all of them
but sometimes i wihs that i were more than a friend i feel
like sometimes im not pretty enough or too fat or something
to be anything more than the friend.. then the girls im
friends with tell me that its cool that im the friend but i
don think it is. i like it but i wish i could be more
sometimes!! give me feedback people! thanks

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