Ms. Thang

Just another ME!
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2001-09-15 17:54:33 (UTC)


Man it seems like its been forever since ihave actually sat
down and given the computer a bit of my time. Not to mention
my computer is getting fixed rightn ow that i just haventhad
time for anything. I am alwyas doing something be it work or
just sitting on my ass or going to the football games or
hanging out with my friends. Well my birthday was in this
month on Tuesday actually which isnt to good if u all
remember that well DUh ...the whole NY thing started on
tuesday morning..which just figures that something like that
...something that woudl effect all of mankind woudl happen
on my birthday...just another reason for me to be
pessemistic about things..nothing positive very often ever
happens to me and if it does its for a limited amount of
time. So i mean ..whats the point in gettigna ll excited,
thats right there is no point. that ia m
finally 16 i can get a car and my license whoo hoo that is
alwyas a good thing for any teenager. I was goingout with
this kid names Tyler but he dumped me on my birthday cause
he said that his parents were to strict.Dont u just love how
guys never tellu the truth anymore. And he tells ppl how he
still likes me and everything but he makes it seem liek he
had no choice to break up with me..when he did. And even
though he thinks his reasoning was ligit it sure as hell
wasnt for me. I dont knwo what to think about guys anymore
guess thats what i get for going out witha freshman yeah
School had been keeping me really busy and i dont really
knwo and holly are cool this year no problems at all
so far..which is alwyas a plus and steimel and jizzin are
still together who woudl of thought wish there was someway i
coudl wish them some bad luck that i got on them, but i know
that wont happen just because ..i have this dark cloud
around me thats never gonna go away..
Bad luck is an everyday thing for me..and an everyday
reality. Its kinda like whats the point in hope
anymore..cause there is none. I mean really like the whole
NY thing everyone always says that everyone has some good in
them and maybe they are right, but where is the good now
that is all i wanna know??
Oh well i have to work today..oh joy and i feel like crap
time to put on a happy smile and get on with life..once
again an everyday thing for me. Maybe someday i will learn
to be mroe positive but for right now all i am stuck..
well better go..later..amy..

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