shifting mists
2001-09-15 17:11:57 (UTC)

not yours ...

... i love him ... and amazingly .. because of this my views
of things that i had thought would never apply to me are
suddenly coming into focus ... and are deeply desirable ....

''There goes my heart,
There goes the one I love
There goes the girl''

... i know that you love me ... and i know that you probably
won't understand this but i love you too .... and at one
time i thought that the kind of love i felt for you was the
kind that relationships and happy unions were made of ....
but i have found out over time that i was wrong ... and he
has proven to me just recently how very wrong i was ...

''There goes my happiness,
It couldn't be
There goes somebody else
In place of me''

... it is nothing that you did or didn't do .... nothing
that is wrong with you ... it is simply that the kind of
love i feel for you is not how i want my future to be ...
and it took me until now, with him, to realize this ....

''Goodbye romance,
It couldn't last somehow''

... he and i are moving towards a future together and i am
so sorry that this very happy time for me has to be such a
sad one for you but ... as rarely as i do this ... it is
time to think about me for once ... to take care of myself
first ...

''I had my chance
But it's all over now
I never thought
That she could pass me by''

... our anticipation is high as we prepare for building a
future together and ... as much as i dread hurting you ... i
see no way to avoid it ...

''There goes my heart
And here am I''

... i'm sorry ...

Lyrics courtesy of the song ''There Goes My Heart'' by Benny
Davis and Abner Silver