The crazy world of me
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2003-01-25 19:29:48 (UTC)

why do I do the things I do??? does anyone know???

What is up people it has been a while. My piece of shit
computer wouldn't let me go to this site though. Anyway I
haven't really been up to much.
Oh so I have decided I don't know if I said this before
but I have decided that Ricky and I are just friends and I
am starting to get to the point where I am very use to it.
I mean when I see him with other people it don't really
bother me as much as it use to. Now I am just like umm
okay and I am over it. But Joni has a problem with it.
Because the other day we walked in to school and there was
this girl with him and she just yelled that shit pisses me
off. Joni is not one to cuss but she did. So then she was
explaining to me that I wouldn't ever let someone treat her
like that, which it very true I wouldn't so she isn't going
to let him. Like for instance this cocksucker Blake said
to her I don't want a relationship I just want you to give
me head. I was so mad and I let him know what is up and I
think he is scared of me now or something but thats a long
funny story there.
So I decided that Ricky and I are going to be friend with
benefits. Because you know I have my needs too. I mean I
know I could go else where but I don't want to be sleeping
with everyone I know or meet because thats just dirty!
Yeah so I defiantly did something I thought I woule never
do just because I thought it was the grosses thing ever.
I defiantly gave Ricky head and I never saw that coming
around. I never thought I would actually do it and I
always said I wouldn't. But one night he was at my house
and we were screwing around,no big amazement or anything
because it always ends up that way well, at least 95% of
the time. Yeah so we were screwing around and I was just
going to mess with him and make him think I was going to do
it but I just ended up doing it. I grew balls or something
because I never thought I would have the balls to do it.
Yeah but I don't really think it is as gross anymore.
Just as long as he like don't cum in my mouth I will be
fine because I would kick him in the f*ing eye.
So I think Joni is like grounded for the rest of her life
or something so I don't think I will be doing dumb stuff
that much anymore. Aaahhhhhh I just found out that her parents
didn't even say anything like we thought that is so exciting so maybe
I will be out and about being retarted. But I am going to go so bye