champagne supernova
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2003-01-25 19:29:01 (UTC)


scuse' the french but thats ho feel nad have been feeling
for days now. i dont want to go ito wh. but to bedamn
honest with you i dontlike anyone right now. eveyone gets
on my nerves. not o sound likea major bitc ...but in l
honsty..those are my exact thoughts. i dont like
anyone.maybethis will change... but then again maybeteywont
and i dont care to be honest. only person i can stand and
still love more then anything is my baby. he gets me and i
ge him. and yes..this snt normally my feeings. but i sfor
now so deal with it or dont.
like they say in "the good girl"...
"have a nice day and fuck you very much"

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