2001-09-15 16:48:40 (UTC)

The First Day of The Rest Of My Life.

Well... since I havent done this before, and after having
read my friends... I'm thinking this just might suck... and
if I had some herbage I'm sure that it would be more
interesting. However, I must work with this sober state of
First off I'd like to say that I am saddened by the events
in New York this last week, and I believe that if everyone
would just get stoned... we just may be able to get along.
Wouldn't it be better if there wasnt war at all, if we could
all just learn to live in peace and harmony.
If you havent heard of the Toyes, I'd suggest looking them
up on a music download site... They have some great peaceful
songs... that really mean a lot to me... it also may give
you some idea about the state of mind that this stoner has.
Well... my fiancee' needs to use the phone... so I better
wrap up this first entry...