This Is My Life
2001-09-15 16:39:10 (UTC)

And this is the beginning...

Well, here I am...I must thank Katie for inspiring this,
even though she had really nothing to do with it...haha..
I was on her website and I came across her diary
online, so I thought to myself, I need one of
these myself. And I figured it would be cool
to have others read my thoughts and feelings..

Well, where to even start? Today is exactly two weeks
since I moved here to St. John's. Every now and then I
get into this depressed mood, and miss my friends at
home more than ever. I just want them to be here to
experience all this city has to offer...

Kayla, one of my best friends is going to come out
next month to visit, and so is Alison..I sooo cannot
wait for them to get here...it will give me a taste of home,
but I tell you, it will be hard to say goodbye...
Yesterday I applied for a job at McDonalds...THAT'S a
shocker to anyone who knows me, for I vowed to never work in the
resteraunt...But, I am in a new city, and I figured, hey, I'll give
it a try. If I do get hired, it's a great chance to meet some new friends,
besides the ones I already met. Katie and her friends are the coolest.

Well, I guess I'm off for today...The family*minus my
brother, so it's not really the whole family* is taking a trip
to Cape Spear *The most easterly point in North America*
Whoohoo..Ah well, one more day with the family won't kill me...haha.