Blood and Chocolate
2001-09-15 16:36:45 (UTC)


Hey Everyone~
I woke up this morning in need to talk to someone and no
one was up ! Go figure when I got up this morning it was
5:30! I couldn't sleep I have A LOT on my mind ! I talked
to Nate last night and Adam ! Adam made me feel loved and
needed ! Nate made my heart ache! He was being himself but
I felt like at the Football game last night he was being a
man whore ! LOL ! sorry ! anyways Adam made me feel loved !
I wish he lived here in Michigan ! :( ! Hopefully I will
get to see him sometime soon ! I need a guy to hold me and
tell me they love me ! I am so alone! Not really alone with
out any friends but you know what I mean ! My friends are
being the greatest !!! I love them all so much right now !
Definately Isra after last night ! She was such a
sweetheart when I was feeling so hurt ! But anyways ! Sorry
there was no quote yesterday ! I couldn't think of one !
lol ! My brain can't work too hard at once or I will
overload it and loose all the memory ! LOL ! Lets see
tonight I have to babysit !! I can't wait the little kids
are so cute ! Plus I need some money! I am completely
broke! Except for my monthly allowence but that is only
like $40 and that has to buy me lunch and movie tickets and
dance tickets and stuff like that ! Did I tell you why I
am so broke ?! Well its cause I gave my whole summer pay
check that I got on Monday to the Red Cross Donation Fund
the local radio station is doing ! All 200 dollars I
don't even remember how much it was I didn't even think
about how much I was giving ! I just know it was over 200
and that I wanted to give it ! NO ONE made me but myself!
I worked all summer when I had time ! and I actually feel
great giving it to the Red Cross ! But yea if I already
told you that then sorry for repeating ! Guess what I did
this morning !!!! I got up so early cause I couldn't sleep
I made cookies , waffles and some other stuff ! I made
breakfast for my family and cookies for the kids I babysit
tonight ! When ever I have a lot on my mind I cook ! Crazy
I know ! But its either that or turn Blink 182 up as loud
as I can and sing Isra and I's anger song ! " Shut the
fuck up she said ! Im going fucking death your always to
loud everythings too loud . . . ! " and yea I don't think
my family would have wanted that at 5:30 am ! haha ! Ok
well I am going to go ! NO One is online ! Please right
with comments ! I really want to hear from you !
Luv ya always