Watch me lose it...
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2003-01-25 18:47:59 (UTC)

Blessed Are The Losers...

Spent all day tidying and cleaning up. Just wrote this
email to Tawny. Interesting...

I have all the characteristics of a Human being,
Blood, flesh, skin, hair
But not a single clear, identifiable emotion
Except for greed and disgust.
Something horrible is happening inside of me and I dont
know why,
My nightly bloodlust has overflown into my days,
I feel lethal,
On the verge of frenzy,
I think my mask of sanity is about to slip.

I liked that. I agree with you totally. I like the eastern
ideas of ying and yang. There are two things in the
universe. A negative force and a postive force. They both
rely on each other. You can see it all around you in the
world. For example, if it was always would
you know it was day? If there was never any war, how would
you know what peace was like? If it was never cold, how
would you know when to enjoy the warm? If you were never in
danger? How would you know you were safe?
That is the basis for ying and yang. It extends to people
as well and runs through the whole world.
For a person to be balanced they must share equal amounts
of ying and yang.
In real terms, this must mean...kissing babies and helping
old ladies carry shopping...but still calling someone you
dont like names, speeding, fighting, raping and pillaging
and generally celebrating things that are considered bad.
There should never be shame in talking about negative
force, as you said, it is an important part of nature. Its
important to be balanced. To talk of being in love..but
also to talk of who you hate. To take care of people you
like...and to take revenge on those who treat you badly.
Its the way the world works...and you can see ying and yang
in everything, from the smallest things to the biggest
My favourite saying of all time is "blessed are the
losers for they determine the winners." For there to be a
winner..there has to be a loser. For the USA to have one of
the strongest economies in the world and the greatest GDP
of all countries, some other countries have to be kept
poor. It is exceptionally sad...but it is true. Part of the
reasons countries in places like Africa are so poor is
because of world debt. They borrow large amounts of money
from the world bank and can never afford to pay it back.
You spoke of slavery as if we no longer have it in the
world. We do have slavery in the world except today it is a
slavery of economics and money.
In places like Southern Africa and parts of India there are
very poor people. Places like this are ideal for huge multi
national companies to have production. Companies like Nike,
who employ people, even some children to sew footballs for
a few pennys a day. They would claim that those people
wouldn't have jobs otherwise and are grateful for the work.
There is a national wage in America though (and in
England)...why do the workforce in those countries get far
less than people doing exactly the same job in our
countries? To maximize profits. Its another form of slavery
and one, which you should be grateful to accept.
The owners and bosses of companies like Nike, Coca Cola,
Ford etc etc would, if they were forced to, have to pay a
proper wage to people of poor countries. This cost, they
would not stand themselves, instead passing it on to the
people who buy their products.
The economic slavery in countries like Africa, India,
Brazil means that you, in the US and me in the Uk can enjoy
our fizzy drinks, nice shoes and clothes, cheaper car parts
and vehicles. This is the biggest Ying and Yang. How my
brother, at 13, is over weight from eating too much. Goes
to school in one of the top 100 schools in the UK and never
has to worry about where he will find dinner, where he will
sleep or where he will get his clothes from.
While another 13 year old child is on the streets in Brazil
with no home. With no food and no school to go to. Facing
the daily risk of being beaten, raped or killed.
I'm not saying this is good. Its not and we should always
help people who are less fortunate. Yet we also have to
accept that in any race there are losers and winners.
Without the losers, there can be no winners. Such is the
human race. The fact you have a computer to sit at and read
this email shows this. Your country is rich enough to let
you buy these things, economic strength which comes a great
deal with using other countries to stand on.
The UK is no different. White people in the US came from
Europe originally anyway, pushing the people who already
lived on the land there away by force. If it was not for
your forefathers murdering native Americans, in their would not live where you do.
This is NOT something to be celebrated. It is something
merely to be understood and accepted. It is sadly, the way
of the universe, the way of Ying and Yang.
Annnnywaaayy I've been writing for far too long and totally
going off on one! Goodness knows what thats all about. I
just totally agreed with your thing about accepting what
people call "negative thinking."

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