All The My Lame Life That's Fit To P
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2001-09-15 16:15:09 (UTC)

stupid people

its noon where i live. i am so sick of stupid people.
first of all let me inform you that i am anti-racist, drug
& alcohol free, and anti-death. i don't believe we have
the right to kill any human being for any reason at all.
as far as president bush is concerned, i think he is a
moron. maybe we should use all of this
military "intelligence" (oxymoron) to find out more about
the situation before mobilizing troops. if we end up going
to war i will not be a happy camper. perhaps we should
just try and capture osama bin laden without blowing a
bunch of crap up. when your local city police have a
suspect for a crime, they seek him/her out and apprehend
him/her. they definitely don't fire bomb the entire house
the suspect is in. maybe we should apprehend bin laden and
then put him on trial instead of attacking those who feel
they have a right to harbor him. well that is my anger out
for the day. good bye.