ton o galaxy
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2003-01-25 18:18:49 (UTC)

so i called him

And it has been wonderful. He is my big cutie and i think
i love em. We are gonna take it day by day.

I looked at apartments two days ago and found a few , but
gawd they were nasty or really expensive. I need a six
month lease cause as soon as i'm done with school i'm
moving to new york. I want to lose my mind again in another
city. Find myself cause i have to survive and seek
everything out again.

I've been hiding in San francisco. The night life bores me
and i wanna say i tried in the big apple even if i fail.

okay so back to my cutie...

it's just what i needed. my friends are all fucked up
anyway and he is becoming this amazing stabilizer. I needed
to step out of my world for a while and let them fight it
out amongst themselves. My friends that is.

i'm liking my life right now.