Life Sux Then You Die
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2001-09-15 15:45:40 (UTC)

Day: 49(pwafaaaa)

ugh..cried a lot yesterday...went to LA first block, felt
all blah in there...went to art second block felt a little
better in there, went to lunch..(10:30 in the god damn
morrrnniing) was really sad and said like 3 words the whole
half hour..which is reaaally unusual for me..walked with
mike and britany..sorta..was really sad walking to
3rd..mike said i should get happy this weekend. i cried in
3rd...had to do a moment of silence in there..they played
that proud to be an american song...walked with ben to 4th,
felt a little better, in 4th was happy...talked with troy
my "identical twin". We are trying to figure out which is
evil...hmmmm... on the bus was my crazy self...told the sub
bus driver my name was bob...hehehe...weelll..i felt a lot
better when i got home even though i cried during the night
when talking to benny...but we are just trying to figure
things out...stupid long distance...ugh...stupid stupid
south carolina...this hurts me inside...hurts me so a sore...*sighs*i just want to be there..for
him..with him...stupid stupid stupid long distance...i want
him to feel wanted..loved..happy..his stupid asshole
enemies...i gotta end this before i go all balistic...bye
for now..

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