apfel diary
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2003-01-25 17:31:45 (UTC)

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just as usual, it got many patient today. but i dunno why i
dont feel tired today.hehe..be a superwomen. u know,i
worked till 9:40pm. i had my dinner at 11pm(almost),i think
people started sleeping at that time.hehe..
and i had stomach ache again as i had a late dinner.
sigh..a strange guy came to see the dr. when we were going
to leave and close the door. all is the new guy fault.or
else i could back home early.and i wouldnt hurt my finger.
sigh..at that time,i just wanna back home ealier,and i
didnt realise that my finger in the door gap,so..when i
closed the door,my finger be hurt.it is purple now,hehe..
hm..luckily it is left hand.not very serious.at least it
can move still.hehe..