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2003-01-25 17:19:33 (UTC)

The clouds have partly cleared

Let me start with how my night went. Mom had a date with
Gary and Jen was with Derek. It was me, a pizza and a not
so healthy binge and purge session.Oh well, life goes on
and i have a date tonight with John. What if he's the one?
Yeah that's going too far but we are so in sync. Maybe its
because we share the same sunsign. I went to bed and woke
up sick, sore throat and a fever, couldnt sleep so i went
online for a few hours. The people were dumb as always and
no new mail so i watched a movie on tv. It was called lost
and delirous and was about these two girls who were in love
with eachother and how one wasnt comfortable with being gay
so she ditched the other one. Now im not gay, but i really
liked watching the two girls interact with one another and
of what i saw, it was a pretty good movie.
Gary spent the night here- dunno how to take that. He
loves mom so its okay but still a little on the akward
Two days of nothing between me and Gelly, and everything
made me think of her. I missed her. We talked today, like
nothing had happened and she's acting like its all okay.
Its not and i waasnt even myself all the way through our
conversation. And her and Noah are close to a breakup, geez
its a messed up situation. I pray for her every night, and
am trying to put the fact that she was stupid aside and be
there for her.Be the friend that she needs and deserves and
will always have till the day we die.
wish me luck on my date, its tonight but i have the
nervousness at the bottom of my not so flat tummy.... ok ok
positive thoughts

We all deserve a second chance

love always and forever

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