Lil' Miss Gloom & Doom
2001-09-15 15:22:16 (UTC)

Boring Saturday afternoon...

Just at work...chatiing and looking uo naughty stuff with
Rod...LOL Possibly going out tonight after my long night at
Well Im flattered with all the countless IM's Ive recieved
for people willing to be my personal slave...And kudos to
all the men that have been emailing me pictures of their
dick, but you should be emailing me pictures of your
tongue : )... LOL Hmmmm whats new? Well my prayers go out
to the victims of the WTC attack...
My life has been rockin lately, and I hate to complain
about anything anymore because worse things do happen...
I was tinkering towards lesbianism till the man of my
dreams popped into my life it's all good! And
feel free to keep those pictures rolling in fellas, even
though penis's are extremely ugly!!!
And words of wisdom : I wanna sit on your face...