Restless Comet Diary
2003-01-25 16:09:25 (UTC)

Love and Hope save us from evil...

Saturday evening....there is such a fog outside...I
almost don't see my hands hehe...
Today,lots of things happened...I am pretty sad
because I went to the missionars for their classes and they
said I con't come there anymore if I don't bring one of my
parents..Elder Bell was there and he knows me from the
other classes so he was so sad he can't let me in this
time.It's not fair,I told him..I don't have a father and my
mom is about to leave for Greece...this mean I can't go to
courses any longer....
I am really sorry because of this..that was my
saturday fun and now.....It's not elder's fault though.They
got a new rule there and he has to follow it.I guess I'm
gonna try to tell this to my mom....maybe she can find some
time to come with me...but she has her own problems and she
is not really free on Saturday mornings....

I've been studying for the contests but I still don't
really get IF clauses..I'll try harder maybe I'll
understand it.The psichology sounds bad because of the
words...then sound real scientific...Daniel promised me he
will help me with the composition for the Geography .These
are busy weeks and I'm so tired...I'm yawning all the time
and I can't focus on more things at the same time.Now I'm
looking at the guy next to me (I never look at the
others...what's wrong with me?)..he is looking at the
matches result hehe and talking on the phone and drinking
Pepsi....I don't like's too sweet,even the light

I've just remembered about something....Now I know why
I'm never afraid of the dark.Once upon a time..hehe...
(isn't this the start for stories??) I was in a summer camp
(I've only been in a summer camp in my whole life) the Eforie Nord I guess.I was only 6 years old and
I didn't really enjoy the camp,far away from my
hometown,far away from my mother,far away from my little
room,I felt abandoned.I was supposed to stay there 3
weeks.Everything seemed to be ok..'till one day I noticed I
have small red bumps on my skin...I thought it's because of
food,but soon there became itchy..I was
scratching all the time.The teacher who was with us saw
that and she took me to the camp's doctor.The doctor stared
at me and she said it's something like chicken pox but it's
not chiken's an easier form of...I didn't realise
what that means.But they took me to the bedroom.They locked
up the door and they turned off the lights....I was
frightened.Meanwhile they went out and had fun....I've been
there in the dark for 3 hours.It was getting darker and
darker.I was so scared..I tried to turn on the lights but I
wasn't tall enough..I even tried to open the window and get
out(it was the 1st floor) but I couldn't
reach....Meanwhile,I started to think at lots of things so
I could cease that fear that was installing in my mind.
After an hour and half ,I was even feeling comfortable with
my thougths and the dark around me....since that day the
dark was my friend..I'm not afraid of the dark anymore....

I talked with Alex last night ..he called me to tell
him a story..hehe...he is like a child...He couldn't sleep
and his gf wasn't answering he called me(I'm his
classmate hehe)That was ok because he kinda made my
day...we laughed together and it was fun...
Today is pretty boring I'm just waiting for
something exciting to happen