Book of Suicide
2003-01-25 15:37:34 (UTC)


lately i just sit, sit and hold the razor blade at my wrist
and wonder if i'll be saved, whether someone will walk in,
or someone will msg me or someone will happen to call. i
just listen to the music and feel my sadness flow through,
not out of me, but through me. i sit with my eyes shut,
just dreaming of a world where things don't hurt; no one's
there to let you down, no one's there to stab you in the
back, and no one is there to rip your heart out. i wonder
how things will be tomorrow. will everything be ok? are
there going to be more changes? god i miss how things once
were, or at least how i remember them once being. i feel
like writing a poem. i have only a few people to remind me that life
gets better. i get scared when i think about where i would
be without them.

i owe my life to you
where would i be without u
on the streets or dead somewhere
i drink from the golden chalice
where would i be without ur lips
to remind me just how much u care
i stand beside my hopes
where would i be without the note
that says u'll always be there
i need you here with me
where will i be when u kiss me
because this is my prayer

i came up with a quote that i wanted to remember so i'll
put it in here "when you fall into love, you fall out of