DayDream Believer
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2003-01-25 13:49:22 (UTC)

Waiting for you

I dont cry, I go to school, I work, go to the gym, see my
friends, in many ways people around me will say my life
hassnt changed much.
But I know better. Everytime I walk out of our front door
Im looking over to your house waiting for you to get out og
if. And stil I get suprised when you`re head is not
sticking out your door to say goodbye. I used to run over
to you all the time, to give you a hug, a kiss, say good
bye, see how you was doing, or to have you to comfort me.
There is no one in the world who knows how to comfort me
except from you. When I feel something is building up
inside me I get scared cause I dont know what to do cause
you`re no longer here to make me all right agen.
They talk about letting someone else move inn to you house
in a while, my hart is screaming NO!
I need that house to be empty, I need that house to be
waiting for you. Cause thats what Im doing, I waiting for