Antonio Bonds

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2001-09-15 13:58:41 (UTC)

Bag Lady.....Part 1

"Bag gon' miss yo' got too much you can't hurry up! - Erykah Badu

Today kids I would like to talk about truth and why humans
(including myself) seem not to be able to grasp the use of

What is so wrong with saying how you really feel? What
makes people think they have the right to continuously drag
and pull you along because they can't fathom how selfish it
is not to let another soul know what is really going on.
Espically when whatever is going on tends to play a major
role in or has a major effect in the other persons life.

Is it ever too much to ask to ask for the truth from
someone? ESPECIALLY when this said person asking for the
truth has demonstrated that he or she can handle whatever
truth may come back in a easy-going, amicable, loving

Why can't humans understand that it is not the thought that
hurts people...sure it may sting a little bit...but what
really gets under peoples skin....whether they know it or
not... is the lies or the witholding of relevant
information. That is what hurts most people....this is the
only thing that I have a relatively low tolerence
can shoot me and I will get over it faster than I would a
constant stream of bullshit.

******(I could care less what, when, with who, how or why
someone does something.) But don't think that you are so
important that you feel the need to beat around the bush,
lie, and hide shit to protect your utterly normal, mundane
and closed world from someone because your mistaking a
persons kindness for lameness and weakness. Because truth
be said. No one even really cares about whatever is going
on in your mundane little life. If they did care, they
probably care about you as a person..they might just be
showing genuine overall game-free interest in you....not
busting in on or wrecking your little ho-hum world.

This is incomplete...there is more I wanna say....part 2
will come later today...but I'm sleepy and this is MY I dont have to finish if I don't

But remember kids...the moral of this story is...."Bag gon' miss yo' got too much
you can't hurry up! - Erykah Badu

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