my diary that i write in when im bored,
2003-01-25 04:50:29 (UTC)


AHhsdfhhf I AM FREEZING STILL lol. i got home. at like 930
and tooka shower and my feet are freezing because i can't
find any socks... but i have some drying in the dryer right
now... so that should be fine, right? Yea.ahhhhh i was
cleanin out my back pack( lookin for a missing glove and
some cd's to listen to) andi found a pair of socks :)
Hpapiness yay. any way back to skiing. yes so last night
Amy and i spent the night with her aunt. we went to bed
at... are you ready for this? 9:00!!! THATS SO EARLY! i
can't ever remember going to bed that early lol. so it took
me probably half an hour to an hour to go to bed... and i
was freezing lol. it was so weird because amy and i always
stay up and talk and we were in Rachel's room with her and
we felt rude so... lol we didn't talk. Or,i should say, amy
said a few things then stopped. lol. ok. so like around who
knows when i was woken up by her adorable white cat Sabrina
jumping on me and layin on my legs so i was like ok
whatever. so i was half awake freezing and then i was
like "im really uncomfortable... but i don't want to move
and make the cat move..." so i debated moving for like 15
minuts. lol. i finally moved real slowely and the cat just
moved with my legs lol. but eventually i turnt on my side,
and she jumped up on rachels bed with rachels. the next
thing i remember was mr. gary walking in the room and
flipping the light switch and me putting te palms of my
hands over my eyes and groaning. lol. and Amy was
funny... so we frooze.... and got dressed. any way so we
left n junk and got to the church where the bus was leaving
from at about 4:20, and got on and Rodney and Joey and Mrs
Wendy ,Ryan, and Amy B. were in there and we were
like "heyy its earlly...." it sucked. lol. any way the
played the karate kid on the way up AHAHA most people slept
but amy and i talked.. it was funny.. so we got up there
(ICE COLD) oh my word layers were like nothing. so we got
our ski's and the enormus boots... and put on our big ski
pants haha. so we go out side. and we're like... "how do we
put these on.." me and amy that is. so i see this guy with
ski's and i say "Hey do you konw how to put on ski's?" and
he's like "yes" im like "oo can you show us??" cuz im as
ignorant as it comes so he showed us(accent wow like every
one had accents) and we were like OOO k. so then we were
like.. we don't have poles.. so we took them off haha and
went and got poles lol. so once we got them on... we
started going down the bunny hill and i totally took of i
really didnt mean t oand i hit this hill and i felllll lol.
fomr then on it took me awhile to ski again lo lcause i hit
my head and it hurt. lol. if uve ever heard the phrase "ifu
fall off the horse get back on again" or whatever the heck
it is *take a break* lol my advice *take a break* so anyway
we walked forever down the slope lol. so we finally got to
this flat part... and decided to put our ski's back on so
we're skiing... then we got to this part... where it like
sloopppeedd down lol it wasn't that steep really but it was
to us(first timers) so we start off and almost immeaditly
*splat* we fall. so we like scooted down the rest of the
huge hill. it took us like and HOUR. lol. so then we got on
the ski lift. and went back to the top... and we were like
getting off... and amy fell.. into me... and we almost got
knocked out by the ski lift lol. that was freaky lol. so we
had to like HUG the ground so we wouldn't be killed or
knocked out and we eventually got back up and out of the
way lol and skied to the top again and found Rodney and he
was snowboarding.. so he was like "i'll go with yall" so
we went down the same slope lol and it only took like 10
minutes this time... so we got to the bottem real fast but
amy and i kept fallin so rodney would fall and wait for us.
and he kept jokingus the dork lol. and DAG lol i wiped out
and went rollin adn i accidently rolled over this woman...
i felt so bad... lol. so well we got to the bottem and went
back up again and then down the same one again and BOOYAA
hahahaahaha we got like half way through with it, and found
joey (poor joey...) he was snowboarding and we went and
theres this last long stretch of snow thats got lots of
hills and stuff and i was waiting for amy so we went and i
got 3/4ths of the way Down the big hill muah ha ha and i
fell... lol. so then rodney go's zoomin past me and falls
lol so i go to the bottem past him and amy comes down and
im past them and can't get back to them and they were
waiting for Joey so he finally came down and They were
talking about Rodney... while he'd bee zooming down the
hill, some kid yelled at him while he went past "slow down
a**hole!" and rodney was like "What!?" and he wipped out on
purpose and then the lil dude wsa behind him aparently
(rodney didnt know this) and he totalyl flew over rodney
and fell and got up complainin his butt hurtlol and we had
to wait for the ski lift for like 5 mins and the lil guy
was still leaning on the fence rubbin his butt. i mean dag
as bad as i felt it was hilarious. what goes around comes
around hahahah. so any way we get to the ski lift and joey
took a pic of me rodney and amy(crazy pic. rodney was
fallin on us) and we go up and stopped to eat... so then
rodney went skiing and amy andi took a break to let our
food digest and went back out there and went down once mroe
(we had no feelin in our feet by then) down the same slope
again hahaha thats the only one we went on the whole day
lol so we we went down and i seriously had this problem,
after i'd get off the ski lift, i'd go down the first tiny
hill and could never stop and the little flat spot there id
always(every time) fly past and fall right after the next 2
hills lol. so then amy came flying towards me and fell
lolll and she ran into a fence lol!! it wa funny cause her
pole got stuck on the other side and we almost had to break
the fence to get it back but the fence was cracked so we
were straight(and it turns out rodney had made that very
crack wiping out there earlier lol..) and we went down...
and i went down the big long last slope... the huge one
that i keep talking about and i didn't fall HAHAHAHAH that
was great. well i got the bottem where it was flat and i
was going sooooo fast(seriously... its crazy) and i fell. i
dont know if it was me or if i just lost my balance
completely but i fell lol and one ski came off so i popped
the other off and stood up and turnt to look for amy, cause
i'd seen her fall after like the first drop. she was still
all the way up there lol. so i literally had to wait for
almost 5 minutes for her to start coming dow nso she starts
coming down and i turned around to start going to the ski
lift, cause it wsa straight till the lift and i was walking
and i here "michele." and i turn and *WHAM* she ran into
me. lol. she fell, i almost did lol it was funny. it was
crazy yea so we got back up on the ski lift (our fav part
it was like a ride lol) and talked to much on the way bac
kto the top and no one else on the lift(6 people per row of
seats) was talking and we saw Rodney snowboarding down
below us and i yelled "HEY RODNEY!!!" and he turned and
looekd up and wiped out hahahah lol and he looekd up and
saw me and i waved and he waved it was funny so ithen i
said "im sorry all you other people on the lift we're just
blabbing on and on." and they stiill didn't say anything
lol i felt so retarded cause here we were talking and
talkin and they hadn't said like ANYTHING lol. so i was
like 'yea..." any way we changed.. and got on the bus and
drove home. i fell asleep but not for long. i woke up as we
were pulling into mcdonalds. i was so uncomfortable lol. on
the way home i didn't fall asleep again.. but it was fun
then we got back... and my dad wasnt there i was
like "arg!" and amy's mom was like "well i told him we
might take u home if he called back..." so me amy rodney
and rachel all squished in the back seat of amy's car and
joey was up front with mrs becky and david and she took me
home and rodney decided while talking football with joey
david and mrs becky to play squish amy and michele. but we
pushed back hard yea so anyway im really tired and still
cold ARG lol im goin to sleep LATE tomorrow. at i love my
warm big bed. dont you? oh wait. you've never been in it
haha too bad u wont lol. good night!
p.s. sorry for all typos im too tired and sore to type
correctly lol.

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