Expressions Of Myself
2001-09-15 12:04:42 (UTC)

A day of tradgedy

I am still trying to cope with the realness of September
11th's terroist attack on the World Trade Center in NYC and
the Pentagon in Washington. It is almost unfathomable that
this could happen here in America. But it has. And it is a
serious wake up call to our nation to come together as one.
To put aside differences and use those differences to work
towards a comman goal...unity and revival. A spiritual
revival is needed here if we are going to have this curse
lifted off our land. If we don't rediscover who we are and
where our values come from, we will only get worse from
The full impact of this attack is still not felt. We have
such a long way to go. Sifting through the tons of steel
and debris is a tedious and painstaking task. Hopes of
finding more survivors looks dismal, but hope is not given
up on yet. The workers in NYC have been threatened by rain,
gas leaks and buildings near by that are close to collapse.
But still they press on day and night, working in 24 hour
shifts and holding out hope.
While there wasn't much I could do from Florida, I put
together a care package and included a message of hope for
survivors. I sent it to my local Red Cross. Then, last
night, I gathered my children and joined in a flag waving,
USA chanting, candle burning crowd on a local street corner
and showed my and our support of this great nation, and
mourned the loss many have suffered here. It was a
wonderful experience for us all. Seeing strangers talk to
each other and support each other. Thousands of car horns
honking in support. People showing the peace sign and
chanting along with us as they pass in their cars. I can't
explain how that felt....but I was there and will never
forget it.