Screaming Cathedrals
2001-09-15 09:57:48 (UTC)

...and to top it all off..

There's more to this story though. Lately I've been talking
to a friend in CT... we also get along very well... and if
he lived near me... maybe there would be something between

But what's keeping me distant is that he's so far away. I'd
love to visit him... but I'm not going to let myself think
that I could maintain a long distance relationship like

That... and I really like Tom.

I don't know. I've talked to Ed (from CT) lots these last
few weeks... and I love talking to him.

I don't need to be trying to jump into any relationships
right now, though.. especially one so far away. As far as
Tom and I go... we'll see how things go with us hanging out
as friends. I really enjoy his company. It's refreshing to
be around someone that is so uplifting and intelligent...
I'm glad he's coming back. -end-