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2003-01-25 03:36:27 (UTC)

these are the accidents of my life

I am a klutz.

im sure ive said that before, but i ll say it again, in the
last two days ive managed some incredible (and moronic)
feats. So far ive:
super glued my left hand to a lip gloss holder, then the
lip gloss to my hand
slipped and did a split in the door-way at bon ton
had my cartilage piercing changed *then* decided that pain
wasnt enough so i re-gauged my lobes
slipped on a small metal fence and fell on my back/butt
area WITHOUT injuring my cigarette. (i thought that was

im getting worse by the day, by monday i might be in a body
cast OR worse, dead. HAHA jk

anyhow, not to much new, met a new guy john, he s pretty
nice. very tall. does the whole music thing which is cool.
we re gonna try and collab on some stuff. hopefully that
works out.

school restarted (yah...blech)
and the 'paper is already throwing lots of work at me.

nada new at the job. same old "fun" stuff.

as for the whole "guy" thing, ive decided none for me right
now thank you. theyre too much work, and im too confused
about everything to bother. maybe in a while, but prolly
not right now, the world can thank certain people for that
all right

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