2003-01-25 03:16:18 (UTC)

Another one of those days...

So my friend dawn at work got a new job for herself. Well
I guess you can say new...She is going back to her old
job. I am happy for her, they have treated everyone in
that place like shit...and I'm glad to see she is moving
on. Unlike me...who is putting up with my horrible job! A
lot of people say that they dont enjoy their job, but I
really dont think they understand where it is that I work.
Not one person there can say that they enjoy it or feel
that they are respected. We are the dirt between their
toes.....and thats how they treat us....I hate going to
work....and I Have never been like that! It use to be
my "happy place".
Blahhhhhhhhhhh Enough about that!! Sorry just had a
rough day at work and I am just tired of it.....I just
wish I could find a good job that pays well. One that
gaurentees me 40 hours and to treat me well. Is that
asking a lot?
So yea if anyone knows of somewhere like that?? Please
let me know lol.
Other then that, I bought myself a DVD player today out
of my birthday money. I had nothing else that I really
wanted....so.....works for me!! I like it, its really
nice....and its silver!! WOOOWHOOO!! For those of you that
dont know....I now have a fixation with silver applicances
and stuff....
Anyways....this is my writing for tonight. Nothing
new....nothing exciting. Just another day in my little

I'm outta here...