Screaming Cathedrals
2001-09-15 09:03:48 (UTC)

The vacation from it all

All the drama listed in the last entry... it will be two
weeks since it happened on Thursday. That was the day I
found the pictures and left.

So.... last Saturday through this Thursday I took a
vacation to get away from everyone... I saw some old
friends and had an over all good time. One of the friends
is Tom. I've known him for 3-4 years now... but we never
really talked much. I dated his best friend (of 15 years or
so)... so options were never really open for us.

He also was dating someone... but things ended with her
about the same time things ended between me and his friend.

Tom lives 6 hours from me right now.... but he wont be away
for long. Monday he is moving back here. He misses his
friends from here and I think it might partly be because of
the chemistry we had when I visited him.

We get along really well... and while I don't want to jump
strait into another relationship before I can settle in my
head what happened in the last one... I do really like him.

We've kinda agreed to take things really slow. He knows I
need the space. I guess I'll just sit back and see how
things go. If nothing else, right now, he's a great friend
to be around. Funny, smart, and creative. He is going to
try to get back together with some old band memebers.

I would love to go listen to them on a regular basis. I
love music in any way, shape, or form... and I think it
will be healthy for me to be around people that are into
the same things as I am.... and they don't know Mike... so
I don't have to spend all my time around friends that
constantly remind me of the times I had with him.

I'm really excited to see how things pan out. I think that
I might actually be able to pull myself out of this rut
with the help of a friend like Tom. He's really uplifting.
While I'm around him I feel much better. I've only been
away from him for a day and I miss him already. -end-