*...Days Upon Days...*
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2003-01-25 02:33:00 (UTC)

24th * FeeLin CraPPy

*Unseen Victory* who/what is that?
*My Friends said...* who are they?
*I'm going with so and so* oh, i doubt i've met them, cuz i
really don't know any of your friends

*Just taking lead when i am gettin tired of it. Not havin
anything to do on the weekends cuz i'm tired of thinking of
everything to do.
"SO what do u wanna do?"
"i dunno.."
"wanna go out to eat?"
"yeah..but where?"

*N not being included sumtimes..

"So um..who's going?"
"Just the guys"
"Is *she* going?"
"oh, yeah probably.."
"oh yeah? ok..that sounds like fun.."
"alrite, have fun"

Sumtimes things jus aren't the way u want them to be..

I SOOOOoo Do not fit in with your crowd.. I like them..but
it's different..i don't feel comfortable, n they don't make
it any ezier..in a way, it's ur fault, not really makin an
attempt to include me in these things..no gettin used to
their vibes..so where does it lead me? no where.

Songs to DL: Avril Lavigne "Anything but Ordinary"


sumtimes i drive so fast
jus to feel danger
i wanna scream
it makes me feel alive

is it enough to love
is it enough to breath
sumbody rip my heart out
and leave me here to bleed

it it enough to die
sumbody save my life
i'd rather be anything but ordinary..plz