Nobody Loves Your Beautiful Garbage
2003-01-25 01:41:56 (UTC)

Exactly What Does It Feel Like To Get Stepped On?

U push me aside.
U walk away from me.
U don't see me.
U don't hear me.
For the most part U don't even know that I'm there.
But when it comes down to it all.
That is the one and only time you notice Im there.

It's amazing how many times in a day I have people push me
aside, walk over me and for the most part ignore that i'm
alive and breathing. Just once I would like to be noticed I
think. But I guess that is okay and all if I don't.

There really isnt too much to say at all. I guess I have
had an okay week. Note to you all sidetrack, kitten claws
in the ass hurt, ok. Also along with that, someone shooting
you in the ass with a handful of rubber bands hurt too,
once again thank you lisa.

Well I guess I'll try again tommorrow. Bye