Niahm's Quest
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2001-09-15 06:18:02 (UTC)

'A sense of Normalcy'

Finally, today I woke up without that horrible twisting
nausea that has haunted my body since Tuesday. I got to
the university for all classes today, and maintained a
fairly good mood for most of the day.

Lots of 'Greek Life', aka frat's and such on campus.
Unfortunately, a blanket statement this will be, but what a
bunch of fucking meatheads!. I heard things like, "what's
the big deal, anyway", "oh my god, that girl brought
FLOWERS to school, what's that going to do, you gonna fight
them with flowers???" and I noted lots of my middle eastern
friends walking a little faster today, and not quite as
sure about their freedom.

Tonight, Paul made a delicious dinner for me, which i had
to proceed to make into a 'heavy' discussion about how
we 'know' if the other is 'THE ONE'. We've been together
for almost 2 years, and I find myself growing impatient for
a marriage proposal. Why? I guess the security of marriage
(???) seems attractive to me.

Gwenefar the cat is looking over at me, with her fat belly
pressed against the floor, Paul didn't see, but I fed her
some of his salmon under the table :) She's so good to me.

Thank you to the makers of this online journal.. although
Ive set this to be a public journal, there is a sort of
privacy in having you not know who i am. And, perhaps a
sense of pleasure, in reading other's private thoughts.

Blessed Be.

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