Watch me lose it...
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2003-01-25 00:29:22 (UTC)

You've Gone Too Far

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This time,(this time)
You've gone too far
This time, this time
You've gone too far

So Im
sitting here just passing time rhyming
Keep finding new things, new ideas, it seems frightening
Why all of a sudden I feel the need to write like this
Funny how talking about problems can sometimes miss
The points that you miss, when your down and your stressed
When people you know just end up getting pissed
And the things that you say, get thrown back in your face
Making new jokes, finding new ways to break
Your self down until you feel that you cant take it no more
Your turning to rhyme, just trying to claw
Back some self respect, you cant do it, your wrecked
9 till 5 until all your life till theres just nothing left
Over and over till your at your wits end
Till you take a .44 find a postcard to send,

This time,(this time)
You've gone too far
This time, this time
You've gone too far

So the moment I come in, gun in hand at the door
That bitch starts screaming, so I fill her with 4
I dont give a fuck about your husband just shut the fuck up
and die
Don't give a fuck about your begging...dont care if you
Stepping over her body I pop that cunt at that back, the
one with the silver hair
The football supporters sack
And his chinese collegue takes one in the face, I'm
emotionless, empty, social disorder case
And as the gun shots ring out, so two more come in. Three
in the face for Andy, two in the back for Ian.
But they should have seen this shit from the a distance it
was coming...reloading my clip, sick feeling in my stomach
I know behind that heavy room door, I'll find that bitch
ass wigga, hes grovelling on the floor,
"I knew it was you...oh jesus I'm sorry"
I raise the hammer back..give him two seconds for his
"I didnt mean, all those things I said"
I pull the gun back, whip the fucker in the head
Stand over him and his eyes are filling with dred
Blood running onto his shirt from the cut in his head,
"I got two kids and a wife, I dont wanna be dead!"
Should have thought of that bitch, picked on someone else
But the piece jams and its empty as I pull the trigger down
Frustration, him smiling, I throw it to the ground
Its not over yet bitch, reach for a chair instead
Beat him in the face, smack him in the head
Make sure all his bones are broken, make sure that hes dead.
Hes no longer moving but still i carry on
Rage and fury..too much has gone on, to let Gary off with a
simple shot to the face
Keep beating and beating him till hes all over the place.
Let your kids and your wife see now bitch, now your the
And now try and laugh on the other side of your face

Leaving the scene by the fire escape,
Disappear in the traffic, cops filling the place
Take a look at the clock at a quater to three,
The bomb goes off killing cops at the murder
scene...Clearing me
I guess this just happens when you put someone down
Till they've got nowhere to turn, just start putting rhymes
But beware you bitches, the post card under your door
My own revenge, with my own .44

This time,(this time)
You've gone too far
This time, this time
You've gone too far

Writing time - 48 minutes

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