once again
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2001-09-15 06:06:36 (UTC)

so it'smy life

I'm letting this whole Tony thing go and one day I'll ask
myself who he is again. I don't care now and Lisa is dumb
if she stays. I talked to Shawn and Q, the guy I was with
a few times after Shawn left me, broke up with Dawn. He
had told him and a few others that we were dating and I
never knew it. Gee, that's weird he didn't let me in on my
life. He slept with Karleen as soon as Shawn hassled us
and that's called dating. I would've liked to but now that
I see all the girls he plays I'm happy I didn't. He will
be here in a few weeks and I want to see Q and Chip but
Shawn'll spaz, but they're still my friends. I don't want
anything more than to hang out with them. I miss Shawn
alot. I was a little depressed today and I spent a little
bit of money ($140) at the mall on clothes and shoes. It
was on sale and besides I'm so not prepared for winter. It
made me fell better. Then, I got back in my car and
realized I'm still without him. I, God, I don't know
anymore. The only thing that's anywhere near to making
sense is Shawn. And I pray everyday that he is telling me
the truth for once. I'm doing what my heart tells me to,
and that's how you live life, RIGHT?

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