My life as I percieve it
2001-09-15 05:44:09 (UTC)

so nice

am i really going to write what's going on in my life on the
net for god knows who to read??? i guess so. i have my own
"life books" so i might not write in here all the time, but
it's so nice while i'm on the computer. which i have been on
alot. mainly for one reason. my boyfriend. which currently
is the only person that keeps me grounded. see i fell in
love with a person even though i knew he was going to the
air force academy after he graduated from our high school.
maybe i should take that back. i guess there's a difference
between falling in love and being in love. i haven't seen
him in two months. that seemed like such a terrible thing.
untill i watched people on tv talk about how their wives and
husbands were killed. then i realize how good i have it to
even be able to comunicate with him over the net. thank you