Northern Belle

This Belle's Life
2001-09-15 05:40:38 (UTC)

AS the world changes, i realize will 2.

what happened on Tuesday will always stay with us for
the rest of our lives. whether we would like it to or not.
Many people including myself lost friends and family on
that day or many have yet to find out that their loved one
is for dead. but the not do bright side is that this country
will come out on top of this. this will only unite us not
tear us apart and bring us crashing down like Omsa
bin Landen hasd hoped... not only will we get justice for
what he did, but we also make it clear to the entire
world that NO ONE can tear apart and bring down the
USA. our country will prevail. what other country has
people pouring in to the Red Cross to voulnteer??
what other country has so many willing to give blood
that there is not enough room to store it all? what otehr
country has gotten through EVERY natural disaster that
has hit this planet WITHOUT any outside help??? i
think and i know that even though our country is a sinful
country God will bless it greatly like he has in the past.
and i am SOOOOgrateful that our President of the USA
is a God fearing Christian!!!!!!!!GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!

now for the other part of me that is changing
i went to the Sutherlin football game tonite ( my home
team is Oakland) and my youth pastor was annoucing.
and i happened to see Derick there, but he just totally
inrgored me. which really makes me mad and then
again it REALLY hurts. cuz i realize just how pathtic i
have been about Derick and i want SOOO badly to stop
liking him, but i cant and maybe God is going to use
that pain for something greater. or maybe God would
like to see and Derick together later inour lives. but it
REALLY TOTALLY hurts and now i am going to have to
face him soo much more. like my mother and his
grandmother are really close and i beginning to
become close w/ her 2!!! cuz she is sooo great.. but i
will also have to babysit with him cuz i am gonna have
to babysit his sister and his cusions and a few other
little ones 2 and the peopl have vounlteered Derick to
help me great!!!!