oh make me over
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2003-01-24 22:02:20 (UTC)

pictures fade away but memories are forever

nick let me listen to the new new found glory cd which
is now old. he said it grows on you but i cant possibly
see whats so great about it.

no school today. i woke up at 10 to find my dog
chewing up my chord on my amp. i yelled at him and
called steve to see what he was up to. he came over
and drove me to starving musician. ugh 1 more year
then i can legally get my lisence. stupid america and
my south american-ness. we got a new chord for my
amp. hes a sweetheart.
we left for tower records and i got yellow cards cd
because i left it in fremont. good job manda. i thought i
saw paul but i said " PAUL " and he didnt look. i felt

i got "sincerely me" down and im proud of myself. day
before tommorow isnt anymore. i told james who talked
to the guy at bellermine (spelling?) whos the double
sparrow man. something about a compalation cd? too
bad. nick and i have been hanging out more and we
wrote a nifty little song. good times good times.

FINALS ARE OVER. praise god. yesterday was my math
final. 3 hours. ooh mr. rivera shall perish.

tonight i think im going to the divit show at the
outhouse. im eighther taking crys or james but they're
always busy. and everyone else is going. so if not i'll go
with steve.

i should be finishing my book report. Whispers: voices
of paranoia. good book.

i'm getting new shoes later. i need new boots. it shall
be grand.

- Manda

current music: silverchair- freak

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