Nicole Coffman

the problems of growin up!
2003-01-24 21:59:44 (UTC)

my second entry

This si my second enrty................yah!!!! I havent
had much time for this stupid diary cause its a waste of
time when i have my own at home!!! Oh well i guess ican
give this another shot!! As usual, I am in a bad mood, i
rarely find myself in a good one, only at school, dances
and with my freinds!!! I said in my last diary that I
didnt want to date in highschool, at least I think I did!
Well I have not got a b/f but guys are starting to like me.
I dont like many guys but, there are two that Ilike Ryan
and Tim. They are both punks and look like models. Ryan is
in gr. 12 and im in gr. 10, But he is so... perfect and
everytime I see him I just stop and turn red. Tim is my
freind and has no idea that I like him,,, oh well. It seems
nothing I do or say can be right for anybody, But im not
going to waste my time bitchin to a computer, thats wut my
other diary is for. I hate being a teenager. I
HATEEEEEEEEEE it. Im sure everybody does but I have it
extra worse for reasons i cant disclose. N e Way so ryan is
leaving in one semester so i have to get him to know im
alive, and in love. My freinds dont understand what im
going through with my family soooooooooooo ok g2g bye!!!