All The My Lame Life That's Fit To P
2001-09-15 05:31:23 (UTC)

first entry - who i am

well i got bored so i decided to set up an online journal-
thingy. its like 1 in the morning where i live and i'm
still awake for some reason. i'm at houghton college, a
private Christian school in western ny. my roommate has
gone home for the weekend and this girl that i hang out
with is on a retreat so i have basically no friends for a
couple days. let's see, what else about me? i listen to a
lot of hardcore, punk, and emo. right now i'm listening to
the new system of a down. some more of my favorite bands
include five iron frenzy, zao, embodyment, juliana theory,
dashboard confessional, living sacrifice, thursday, craig's
brother. i should have a hardcore hour on the radio
station soon. at this point in time i am single, but i am
definitely looking to find a girlfriend/serious
acquaintance. i'm thinking of asking the girl that is on a
retreat right now if she wants to go on a date with me.
she's very sophisticated compared to me, but that's really
cool for some odd reason. all she listens to are showtunes
and classical music but i must admit that les miserables is
an incredible show. i suppose i have rambled enough so
goodbye for now.

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