~~Eirry Berry~~
2003-01-24 21:30:05 (UTC)

No More School...Ever

January 24
Wow, my last day of high school was so very
wonderful. Thats probably because I didn't go. There was
no point in my going, I went in at around 1ish and turned
in everything I owed and then left. It's going to be kind
of weird not going anymore, what am I going to do with
myself? Oh who am I kidding, I love being lazy and having
nothing to do. I'm just worried that by the time fall
gets here I'm not going to want to go to college because I
will be enjoying the laziness. I don't think that that
will happen, I am so ready to go to real college after my
Psych class at NCCCC (I think that there might be too
many "C"'s but I really don't care). I really have no
tolerance for dumb people, they just drive me crazy. I
want to shake them and say "You are a waste" (waste of
what I am not sure, but they are a waste of something).
I took Kyle out for dinner tonight because the rest of the
family deserted us, well not really Cory had soccer up at the Dome
and my parents both went. He is so cool for a 12 year old, I never
realized that before. Usually it's Cory and I that will go out and
do stuff and we leave poor Kyle by himself. I feel bad about it now.