Life Styles of the Rich and the Famous (
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2003-01-24 21:06:57 (UTC)


Everything is pretty messed up right now, with school and
work and trying to have a social life. many people have no
clue what i go through living at home, only child, working
to get around, even paying for college. People would think
ohh my god you have it so great, ya know living at home
with parents who pay for everything almost. WRONG!!!! if
you think that you have another thing coming. i have tried
harder and harder each day to make it, but some days i'm
just not sure, i know suicide is not the answer, that is
not what i want to do. i have lost so many people that i
cherish (you know who you are :o)) and care about, b/c of
how busy i am and not having the time to talk. well i just
want to appologize for that.

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