Nowhere man please listen. . . .
2003-01-24 20:52:22 (UTC)

January 24, 2003

I can't believe it's friday already. Looks like i'll
have to get ready for another non eventful weekend. FUN!

Well i must say, i was very happy to see matt back in
school again today. :) I got all dressed up today, tryin
to look cute. TRYING mind you, i dunno if i suceeded.
But i got a bunch of compliments out of it at least.

I got so mad at mrs. murphy. She told some junior that
i like matt, just went right ahead and told her! I was so
mad at her, she cant just go tellin any ol' person, and
right in front of me at that. I was like Oooohhhh murph
how could u! n the junior was like oh it's no big deal
Matt already told me anyways.


Here i am, tryin to be careful that not everyone knows
i like matt, and he's tellin everyone FER me. Okaaaaay.
So wat if everyone already knows? But still- i didnt want
him to think i was tellin everybody. Looks like he
doesn't care. I mean i'm just another notch in his belt
anyway. Another girl he can say he can get so he can look

So if I know all this already- WHY do i still like
him? WHY have I liked him fer so long?!

The world may never know.