Electric monkey
2001-09-15 05:15:46 (UTC)

9-14-01 [although it just turned 9-15-01 a second ago]

so i just got home from the friday activities.
woohoo.jonathans party was interesting, then the first show
of cletus and virgil was good, then cardboard was good..
but then i stood outside during the second c&v show, im
sure it was funny, but we had fun too. oh buddy!
im watching a really old episode of the X files. yep. hehhe
late night tv.. what excitment.
i have hathair now. i wore grahams ol brown hat most of the
night cause i was cold. yep. but it was worth it, its a
nifty hat.
i hear music coming from next door. drums it seems like.
maybe i should make my way over there at some point and see
what they're doing. maybe one day.. im sure they will live
there for the rest of the school year.
well i dont have anything to say to you, so ill go. bye
ps- you know what? we could have sex here. all the time.