Padded Room Memoirs
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2001-09-15 05:10:26 (UTC)

Tired of it!!!!!!

Am I tired of turning on my television to only be
bombarded by images of NYC, Washington,a field in
Pennsylvania, Congress, or the President? I raise my voice
as loud as can to answer: HELL NO!!!! And how could any of
you!?! These events are giong to linger in the hearts and
minds of those people out searching for clues forever.
These events will be pounded into your grandchildren's
minds in history classes in the future. And what do some
people cry for? "I want my favorite shows back!" Is it too
much of a sacrifice to give up that much? Just think while
you sit, snug in front of the boob-tube, some mother is
wondering the streets of New York with a picture of her
only child looking for answers. While you bitch about not
wanting to eat your vegetables or whatever your mom cooked
for dinner, some fireman takes five minutes to choke down a
cold sandwich with soot covered hands. While you are faking
a cough so you don't have to go to school, a solidier is
kissing his family good-bye to go to battle to defend your
No, I am NOT tired of seeing this. While it pains me
deeply and brings me to tears to watch or read about it,
I'll continue to do so. It's time that we take a moment and
get caught up on what's going on in this world (even if we
have no other choice). How many of you responded to
Bin Laden's name with "Who?"?
One other thing and I'll be through for a while. Some
people received an email with a speech from journalist
Gordon Sinclair. When I read the whole story, I cried. The
speech was giving Americans a pat on the back. It conforted
many in the wake of this disaster. The speech was written
in 1973. I cried because so many are reaching out for
reasurrance, help, and a little pick-me-up; and the it came
in the form of a 29 year old speech. When you are out and
about today running your errands, going to your next class,
taking a break at work, take a moment to say something nice
to someone to brighten their day. As you pack your child's
or husband's lunch, slip in an "I Love You" note. Take the
time to call your mother, father, grandparents, aunts or
uncles that you haven't talked to in a while; I'm sure
hearing from family at this time will brighten even the
darkest of days.
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