of the last

of the last
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2003-01-24 20:26:49 (UTC)

finally car

my car is finally ready at the shop now i just have to wait
for dad to get home and then drive out to pick it up. its
about fucking time, its been in the shop since the 3rd
21 FUCKING DAYS!!!! thats crazy. yea, but so far today has
been completely fucking awesome. first, i finish my compsci
midterm in like 20 min by taking the test directly off the
teachers comp cause the security system on the comps is for
shit, so i just weaseled in. then i spent the rest of that
class (an hour) playing unreal tournament. then i went to
history where we watched woody allen's Life and Death. its
decent, not as bad as most of his stuff. then i picked up
winnie after school and had hot pockets and since no one
was home at my house. well lets just leave it at that ;)
now im just sitting here waiting for dad to get home so i
can go get my car. but then i have no idea what the hell im
doing tonight
too late for fat night tickets, and i doubt my rents will
let me go to the rhhstival because i have sats in the
morning which sucks royally. maybe i should actually study
for them......nah. but i actually do have to lok at some
few things in math. and then the rest should be easy. ah
fuck this im going to play a game to pass time before i get
my car.

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