crackheads thoughts
2003-01-24 20:01:08 (UTC)

"Let it Go" Sound Distortion

Hi everyone!! I just thought I would post a really pretty
song on here.....

What if I could
Hold your hands in heaven
What if I could
Hold you down and rape you again
What if I could
Give you my heart for rent
& What if I could
Bury you in the dirt

- But I -

Cant---- I cant just let it go
Oh let it go
This is killing me
But to you I'm dead no go
Im dead now go

So now I'm gone
I'm sure no one there will miss me
It wont be long
Before your here with me
I look down on you
From the church roof above
Right before I take off
To finally face my judge

- But I -

Welcome home he says
I'm glad your here with me
It's just so sad
That some people don't believe in me
I'll hold your hands
We'll walk along the sea
It's just to bad
That in heaven no one see's

- But I -