Thoughts arrive like butterflies
2003-01-24 19:00:13 (UTC)


Their 5th council seat! Okay, so there's still a along way to go,'s progression.

It's been on the news, and everyone's making it out to be a
bad thing. What's bad about a white England? Jesus, there
are Anti-white attacks which take place just a few miles
away from me. Why should we have people coming to this
country thinking they can take it over. The police only ever
do ANYTHING if it's a "coloured" peorson attacked.
BNP 679
Lib Dems 651
Labour 641
Conservative 214
Independent 149


"According to Britain’s leading population experts, the native
British people will be a minority in this country by about 2060,
thanks to hundreds of thousands of immigrants and ‘asylum seekers’
pouring into Britain every year on ships, cars, planes and lorries.
We’re already a minority in places like Leicester and inner London -
the old politicians are giving our country away!"