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My Saga
2001-09-15 04:57:41 (UTC)

EMS B-day stories

I spent the better part of my pre-birthday day with my EMS
Post up at the fair (all the nice carnies wished me happy
birthday!), and I got a lot of great stories, of which I
shall share my two favorite birthday stories now.

My partner and I were out in our zone, when radio calls us
in to headquarters "at a high rate of speed". We're both
have no idea what's going on, and when we get there, Chris
(one of our advisors) tells us that there has been a
complaint against me, and he's going on about how serious
it is, and is calling over the other advisors , James and
Angie and everyone. I'm starting to freak out, trying to
think of what I could have done, and worrying if they're
going to demote me, and Chris says something else about it,
and I get this "AAAAAAA!!!" look on my face, and right
about then, they pull out a cookie cake, and everyone
starts singing happy birthday! They were all laughing so
hard at me, because I had really looked utterly terrified!

At 23:45 (11:45) I radioed in with the following "Radio, be
advised, 15 minutes until your favorite lieutenant turns