Restless Comet Diary
2003-01-24 18:37:24 (UTC)

Hmmm..So Tired..

Hello it's Friday again...I have a lot to
study because two of my contests are next week.First one is
the psichology is awfully hard and I don't really
know anything.I tried to study but it's so long ...10
chapters and it's pretty tough to remember......the english
one..I heard it's more grammar and this is not such a great
thing for me because my grammar isn't so good as my
vocabulary or anything else related to english.
My Romanian teacher made me write again my essay because
he didn't like the first one.He said it's more scientific
then literal and that I need to insert some speaking.He is
nuts!!!Speaking in essays?Well....I don't think that's
right and I've never heard about speaking in essays....but
I made it again and this time I hope he will like it.
The Geography teacher asked me to make a composition
about life in big cities like New York or Shanghai.....the
problem is that I've never been there and I don't really
know what to write about it.I'll try to get some help from
someone who lives there or I'll try to make it up as
original as I can make it so she would think is a good
piece of work.
I hope I'll do fine at the contests cause this is just
the first level and I want to win them.Ummmmmm....I feel
better and I'm pretty cheerful....hehehe I've been real
talkative Physics teacher said I gotta stay at
the last desk so I won't make any troubles.....I wasn't the
ony one who was talking there...strange how she only saw
me...well this matters less.

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