Inkubus Sukkubus

Drowning in the Darkness...
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2003-01-24 18:27:05 (UTC)

Some past secrets unfold

Yesterday I had a great time at the concert: Many
friends of mine were there. With my bbf we decided to
make a little cienfitic experiment, which consisted in
grabbing each of our male friends´s ass and see their
reactions. Some of them tried to grab oour asses back,
some of them went red. It was fun :-D LOL.
By the time we arrived, my bbf decided to tell one of my
friends that I used to have a crush on him. He was
embarrased and avoided me all night; everytime he
saw me his face went red. Well, it doesn´t matter
´cause now I´m happily devoted to my bf. What a pitty
he couldn´t make it to the concert. I´m sad because he
is sick. I miss him, but in Sunday I´ll be able to visit him
at his house.
Today I´m going to the beach to the department of a
friend of mine, C-C. Vale and my gay friend Lestat will
be there. I guess we´re going to have a great time
there. Actually, I´m holding my bus tickets in my hand
right now. C-C has found a place where they sell a
fanzine with a Malice Mizer special and she bought it for
me. Thanks to her :-)
Yesterday I saw Morris on stage. He plays the lead
guit. He is so cute... We spend a good time grabbing
his butt jeje. He told me he was happy I could make it
to his gig... and I blushed. But no, I won´t flirt with him. It
wouldn´t be the right thing to do. I would feel awfully
hurt if I caught my bf flirting with another girl.
Right now I´ve got a terrible hungover. This sucks... I
guess I´ll end up like Bridget Jones: eternally single,
drunk, smoking like a bat, horribly fat and talking
nonsense. I prefer not to imagine my future.
Talking about fat girls, at the gig I saw the ugliest girl
ever existing; her face reminded me a horse´s face,
she was visibly overweighted, her hair was dyed
blonde but I could perfectly see its black roots. Once I
arrived home, I visited her online photo album and in
one of her pics she is grabbing her teats. In another
one he is kissing a guy and in the last one another guy
is touching one of her boobs. What a bitch!
Yesterday I wasn´t in the mood to remove my makeup
and today my eyes are swollen. It hurts! Besides, my
teeth and my pillow are black with my lipstick. I look like
an orc. I´ll have to take it off before going out today... I´m
feeling tired and I hope I could stay home today and
watch The Mists of Avalon another time, but I´ve got a
meeting of my literature club and then I´m heading to
the beach. Gosh I hate daylight! It makes my eyes and
skin hurt so much.