Gay, London and Oriental. Take A Look ;)
2003-01-24 18:23:30 (UTC)

Good Friday

Mike and Sam left to go meet up with Emily and Rupesh at
Royal Holloway leaving me to go uni by myself. I thought
that this day was going to be really boring, I went to all
my lectures by myself. I then went to the computer lab, got
on a comp and downloaded trillian (multi communication
online program) because my uni didnt allow msn so I had to
find my way around it. When I logged on my msn list somehow
had all these names on, then a guy messaged me saying who
are you? I was asking him the same question and stuff. I
was talking to him and he turns out to be a gay guy from
england, berkshire to be more precise. He seemed really
nice to talk to and then he signed off. Then someone else
messaged me and lo and behold he was gay and from england.
I was so lucky to even have the list, I fulfilled 2 of my 3
resolutions, this is just a good sign, a REAL GOOD sign. I
checked out the rest and they were from faceparty.com, the
gay guys from england bit. I had no idea how I got the
names but lemme just thank whoever did that, it made my day
really special and I hope to really meet some of these
guys. I was so happy and really ecstatic, these guy seems
nice. If there is someone looking out for me I have to
thank them from the bottom of my heart ^_^.
I also spoke to Kevin (Brinks' boyfriend) and he seemed
like a really decent guy. Hes very nice, talkative and
genuine, he was pleasant to talk to.
This day has just been the most strangest and funniest day
I have ever experienced and I'm so glad what happened,
happened. Moral: Living a day with chance is the only life
worth living. See ya ^_^