Chapter One: The Evil Within
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2001-09-15 04:48:51 (UTC)

3 guys

there are prolly 3 guys that i would kiss that wasnt my bf,
now dont think of my like a whore, but its all friends

matt: cause he is matt, thats just like a "no!"
will: cause he is my big brother that happens to be younger!
Chris: cause he is well, "special" and i know that nothing
would ever happen between us!

dont get my wrong, i still really care for chad, hey, if i
didnt do you think i would still be going out with him? But
those 3 guys i really care about in the "non-boyfriend"
sence, and its has always seemed okay, like, not like
cheating!? does anyone get this? maybe its cause i have
been friends with these guys for so long that its not even
thinkable for me to do anything, matt and will have both
know me since my nineth, and chris, well he is chris, i
have know him since his nineth grade year, and personally
dont find him very close to my inner needs, he he! i still
love them all! yeah, and chad, he is great, except this
peircing thing, but he is all good, and i kiss him a lot
differently! yeah! ^big smile^ well ta ta!