"My Wonderful Life"
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2001-09-15 04:44:33 (UTC)


Well, we had our game last night. We lost I think 40-6. I
really don't remember much of that game because I got hit
one time I thought it was the end of the world. This is
how it happended.
We were getting ready for the next play and john
came and told me what the play was it was slot left tight
end pop pass. I called it on 1 as a usually did because
the linemen can't remember anything higher than that. So I
got up to the LOS and wait for them to get set I called the
play ran it perfect. The Tight end was wide open so I
threw it and he cault it and as soon as he cault it
POW!!!!! I got Killed. I was on the ground I was dizzy and
could not think striaght there for a second. I was pretty
worried to. But me I didn't want to come back so I got
back to the hundle and said man I just got nailed and my
head hurts and I'm dizzy to. They said are you ok I said
yeah. I call the next play I could not even remember what
i was suppose to do. But I done it Right I think. But
anyway John he slipped and fell so it was a busted play and
I took of running. But I got stopped. I dont remember
much after that just bits and pieces and I know Matt he
helped me put my stuff in my locker.
He is the best friend anyone could have. He walked
and talk to me until I found my mom and he paged me 3 times
in a row for me to call him but I didnt have a phone. My
head still hurts and that is about all I remember about
last night. I didn't go to school and I missed all my
friends and I hope they all missed me too. This girl
Amanda called and ask if I was ok. Another on of my frineds
Tiffani wrote me an e-mail and said we all miss you and she
hopes I was doing ok. I am doing ok and I am glad of that
to. I guess I am going to go. #3

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