my life sux
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2003-01-24 13:16:57 (UTC)

I pulled aligament in my foot I found out whaen i went to the doctor yesterday.

Hello diary,
I went to the doctor yesterday and had x-rays done.
I pulled a ligament and they gave me some exercises to it.
I was told I need to them for 6 weeks.
I was asked it wore high heels.
I don't the doctor I wore tennis shoesand he said that was
I ask him if my walking could have done it and he said no.
He gave me RX and when I woke up this morning I was hurting
like crazy.
When they ask me to feel fill out all my surgeries they ask
me whp refeered to Montreal.
When I said Dr.Mayer he said Brem Mayer and I ask him if he
knew he said of him.
I told Dr.Mayer was my neurologist for years and now
Dr.Hedaya is.